Here’s just a taste of who some the featured speakers and OSA leadership who spoke during their week of action. The quotes are actual public statements made by each of them..

Two OSA endorsed candidates elected to public office! Look, we know ourselves. We are always VERY SHRILL about how local legislatures are the most important

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OSA's Dirty Past

As we told you, OSA started as Operation Rescue and got famous blockading a Wichita clinic for almost seven weeks  in 1991. The abortion doctor

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Flip Benham, Love Life

It’s Friday, time to talk about Operation Save America’s fallen angel: Flip Benham! You might know Flip from his greatest hits like standing in front

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Meet Rusty Thomas

Welcome to our big week of action for #OSAUnmasked. We’ve already introduced you to Operation Save America. Now it’s time to meet some key players

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Rusty Thomas: image – Louisville Escorts, quote

Jason Storms: image, quote, quote

Matt Trewhella: image, quote, quote

T. Russell Hunter: image, quote, quote

Jeff Durbin: image, quote

Flip Benham: image, quote, quote