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Who We Are

Who We Are

Operation Save America: Unmasked is a campaign developed by Abortion Access Front and a growing coalition of organizations and activists from across the country who regularly come together to stand up against and expose the anti-abortion, racist extremism of Operation Save America. Whether OSA is descending on abortion clinics, the streets of cities across this country, or lobbying politicans to pass laws to turn the US into an actual Gilead, we are there to fight them. 

The coalition that makes up Operation Save America: Unmasked has experienced firsthand the horrifying tactics of OSA. We’re hoping you will learn more and then join us so together we can expose how cruel and dangerous they are on both a local and national level. 


ABORTION AF is a nonprofit organization made up of comedians, writers, and activists who use humor to destigmatize abortion, and is leading this week of action. Normally, we’d be on the road for our summer tour of comedy and music shows, bringing independent clinics together with their communities to raise awareness and grow their support networks. But again, coronavirus. Womp womp.

Our work has pivoted primarily online with the realities of COVID-19, so we’re doing mutual aid, raising awareness, and sticking it to OSA virtually and from a safe social distance. Learn more about us and join the fight!