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Today let’s talk about how OSA tries to brainwash children to come to their side!  First things first, this is the man molding the minds of the youths: Jason Storms.

Operation Save America asks children to “answer the call” to abolish abortion. So if you’ve ever seen a bunch of kids looking miserably overheated outside of an abortion clinic, don’t worry, they were just “answering the call” (to have their Saturdays ruined).

Storms also runs a side hustle “training school” called the Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism. You see, he hates high school, loves his school. Every time they list their second least favorite thing it’s always just completely from left field. “I hate abortion AND HOMEWORK!”

This creepy school teaches kids:

  • To distrust the mainstream media (gotta start ‘em early!)
  • How to “defend” Christianity in this terrible secular world.
  • That homosexuality, abortion, and the separation of church and state are diseases as infectious as COVID.

Oh and there’s also the extracurricular OPTION of going to abortion clinics to “offer alternatives to the women going in.” And here’s another part of the school’s curriculum, just you know, a lot of topics we’d def trust Storms to teach children about. #OSAunmasked

Basically, Operation Save America teaches kids how to mansplain and use logical fallacies. Just last year a conference leader told kids to “Trot Out the Toddler” when debating… start by agreeing and then say “OK what if we’re talking about a two-year-old.”

If it’s a toddler it’s not in your uterus, my dude! IDK why you think that’s a brilliant argument!

Here’s hoping OSA’s kids will be alright and join us in a few years to dunk on these guys mercilessly. On TikTok maybe!