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Each day we are putting out hilarious and scathing infographics about OSA the organization, its leadership, and the equally horrible partner organizations that make up this army of awful.  Please share all of it on your social channels.

two WAYS to take action:
nationally and locally

national ACTIONS

Click on the National toolkit to access our hilarious shareable infographics. You can use them to help spread the word about who OSA is, how dangerous their anti abortion agenda is, how they are influencing national policy, and how they also promote an Anti LGBTQ, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim America. 

We also want our national media to start reporting on them so we have also included sample social media copy for you to tag national media and demand they learn more about them and start covering them, especially as many of them are also leaders in anti-mask, “COVID is a hoax”  movements. 


We've created custom toolkits for cities with heavy OSA presence.  Reach out to your local press and tell them that this is happening in your community.

osa hotspots

download materials for the city closest to you!

Image Source: Abortion Access Front