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Meet Operation Save America (OSA)

They believe God will reward their anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQIA+, and white supremacist actions with a spot in heaven

This past August, Abortion Access Front was in Atlanta trolling these assholes with these signs at their national conference. The QR code goes to the videos below.

Why does AAF get involved with Operation Save America?

We first came face-to-face with OSA back in 2015, when Reproductive Health Services, an independent clinic in Montgomery, Alabama, found out they were going to be the target of a week-long OSA assault. Advocates for the clinic reached out to us to provide extra escorts for patients and help counter the group’s violent messaging.

We were horrified by what we saw that day and have made it our mission to offer this kind of support to small clinics everywhere. We do this the best way we know how– with comedy. Comedy allows us to expose these extremists and divert attention away from their harmful rhetoric– all with an empowering, inclusive, “screw these dorks” kind of attitude. Supporting indie clinics in this way, we’ve been able to capture OSA’s crimes on film, I.D. them, and report them to authorities. 

The prochoice movement has actively ignored  these fundamentalist groups for over 40 years, but that has only emboldened them and made them stronger. That’s why we have OSA today– because no one called them out; no one held them responsible for their crimes.

Our lives were changed forever when we were asked to go to Alabama. We haven’t stopped standing up to OSA since. Join us in our mission to expose OSA members and support small clinics so that no one has to feel afraid or alone when these shitbags show up. 


Our reason for doing this is to expose OSA's violent rhetoric so folks can learn exactly who they are and WHAT THEIR END GOAL IS.