Every day, we posted highlights from the Haters Convention with entertaining commentary. 

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We started out with an intro video, some quick explainers, and a few TikTok Duets from our notable Hateliners


Rusty thinks we're all children, Dusty Deevers beseeches you to start a holy war, and some slow jams inspiring you to burn it all down.

Monday 7/20

Youth ministry in the morning, barn burning leadership sermons in the evening.  Bound to be a party.

tuesday 7/21

Politicians Joseph Silk and Matt Shea give advice on forcing your will through the government, and the OK pastors have some helpful words of wisdom about COVID.

The fun patrol went out to do some door knocking in OK District 7 for the state Senate race.

In Columbus, excommunicated troublemakers Randall Terry and Coach Dave Daubenmire  teamed up to have an event at the Hilton Garden Inn in Columbus/Polaris.  

wednesday 7/22

Matt Trewhella and Joseph Silk spoke about why it's ok to ignore the government.

OSA had a “Truth Tour” in downtown Tulsa, and Randall Terry was back out in the streets of Columbus, having a battle of the bands

thursday 7/23

Jason Storms raises some young faithful soldiers, and the beardos from Apologia Studios talk about how to polish a turd for the internet.

friday 7/24

OG OSA day, Rusty talked to the kids, David Graves and Derin Stidd held down the evening sermon now that you're all warmed up and Big Mad about the preborn.

Live in Tulsa, the OSA crew headed to the clinic on E 32nd Pl. at 8:30, to scream at some people who were just trying to go to the doctor.

In Jackson, the Pinkhouse Defenders greeted Coleman Boyd with some new signage

saturday 7/25

We purchased the operationsaveamerica.com url to redirect to this page, preachers took to the streets on their way back home across several states with their carfuls of plague vectors.

Bonus: Flip Benham was harassing people in Charlotte, and we had folks on the ground!